Let’s shop: Summer dog dresses!

How’s it going folks? We’re well into summer season, how about sprucing up your dog’s wardrobe? We’ve got some of the hottest looks found online right now. Be sure to sift through according to category (with category list below). Also, if you’re in the need of training materials and supplies, be sure to check out my other posts to get yourself squared away.

Summer wardrobe by category: Dog dresses

One of the more  cuter things on the internet, dogs in dresses walking around on hind legs. Watch the video, get inspired, dress up your adorable girl in something with ruffles, and share the photo of your best dress below in the comments!

Cute dog dresses by size, these dress options fit dogs ranging from XXS (10” chest, 8” back) to L (18” chest, 16” back).

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