Bowties, cute collars, and practical matching dog collar and leash ideas

Perhaps you saw last week’s post on training dog collars, leads, and harnesses. Well, this week we bring you some of the cutest looks on the market for your furry friends. And it can be entirely summed up with two words: bow ties.

Dress up your cute little pup in some of the cutest, snappy outfits of the season. Scroll down for some adorable ideas including a no-pull tutu-styled dog harness, bow ties in an assortment of colors, and durable, matching collar and leash sets for heavier duty dogs.

Fancy clothes and adorable bow ties for dog for weddings and spring seasons

Each of these products come with high reviews, and some unique features. Bow ties are lots of fun. Not only do they keep the look of sophistication at any occasion, but according to the production description: They set your pet apart from the crowd. This design bow tie set is the IT item that you should never miss out!

As a trendy dog parents, you never want to dress up your loved four-legged friends with similar accessories and you are always in the mood for something unique! The first set includes 2 trendy bow ties: one is in the bone and paw prints; the other is in a unique robot print.

Your loved pups will find this designer dog collar so irresistible comfy because it features the classy all-time-favorite collar structure: made to last D-ring, heavy duty buckles and high quality webbing material. The unique touch from our in-house designer is born with this beautifully crafted detachable bowtie in polka dot prints.

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