Dogs reading books: How it’s done.

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Breed differentiation among dogs: Twenty things most dogs have in common

  I believe we can all agree a Great dane and a Chihuahua don’t exactly look alike, right? Yet, these two are in the same specie: Dog (Canis lupus familiaris). [ . . . ]

Tool use and animals: How birds are chipping away at its definition

  Tool use among animals is nothing new; the definition has been ever evolving as new examples are brought forth for examination. Eleven variations now exist of the original definition, [ . . . ]

DIY Holiday Clothes For Your Dog

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Why does my cat do that?

My cat is just, weird. Have you ever come home and felt a furry tickle against your calf or ankle, only to look down and see your cat brush his [ . . . ]

Can my pet learn a second language?

Can My Pet Learn a Second Language?  Oui! Si! Ja! Yes!  Just as humans are capable of memorizing new words, so too can your dog, cat, parakeet, or other domestic [ . . . ]

Fun facts about 7 animals from around the globe

Facts about animals: Animal trivia from around the globe! The Blue Eyed Shag, indigenous to Antarctica, feeds in groups of hundreds, referred to as a “raft.” Brazil has the largest [ . . . ]

Let’s shop: Summer dog dresses!

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