Why does my cat do that?

My cat is just, weird.

Have you ever come home and felt a furry tickle against your calf or ankle, only to look down and see your cat brush his or her face along your skin? My cat favors my shoes and makes sure she gets her entire body dragged along one edge before repeating with the other side of herself.

Why does my cat rub his/her chin on me the moment I get home?

Cats have facial glands which secrete a pheromone which acts like a mark of territory. By brushing their chins and mouths along us, the chair, the table, another animal, they are affectively saying, “That’s mine, back off.”

How does my cat arch his/her back when I pet them?

What about the response you get when you stroke your cat’s back? Does a bow and raised hindquarters sound familiar? This is a common mating response, which innately reacts the moment pressure is applied to the rear end or base of a cat’s tail.

My cat is eating his/her nails… what is going on?

Ever watch a cat chew and tug at its paw with its nails between its teeth? I was always wondering if my cat was a sadist trying to rip her nails out. This pairs with the question: why do cats claw at objects? The answer to both is simple; cats are trying to file their nails. New layers are constantly growing underneath. The top layers begin to chip, desiccate, fall over, and crack with time and use. Proper filing is necessary to maintain an easy gait and delicate posture.

Can I get my cat high on catnip?

Why does my cat go psycho when I sprinkle catnip on the floor? She’s reacting to an active ingredient called Nepetalactone. This chemical acts as a pheromone and stimulates her senses. Cats love to eat this, smell it, and feel it. Responses to its potency can last for hours or minutes. Remember to use it sparingly, not because it can be harmful, but because your cat can become bored with it if it’s available too often.

My cat purrs, that means he/she is happy. Right?

Purring; here’s another misconception, it doesn’t always mean, “I’m happy.” Actually, a sign of purring can mean your cat is experiencing stress, internal pain, or discomfort. It’s best to pair other body signals with the vocals before jumping to conclusions on mood based on purr alone.

I know what my cat is saying…

Finally, the polite and friendly: “Meow.” Why do cats speak? Cats reserve this behavior for their adult years to specifically communicate with humans. It can relay information from, “Show me attention, and rub my tummy,” to “I’m hungry, where’s my food,” or even, “I’m sick, help.”

Cats are fun and fickle, hairy and hairless creatures. Growing myths perpetuate with these guys as people remain entranced by their attitudes and disinterest in connecting with us. People are nearly bored with the eagerness of a dog and want the aloof visitor which receives attention on his/her own terms. But little does the human know these elusive, dormant, disengaged creatures are just as eager as a dog to be with us, their companions. They just have a different way of displaying their interest.

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