Fun facts about 7 animals from around the globe

Facts about animals: Animal trivia from around the globe!

  • Blue-eyed shag
    Blue-eyed shag
  • Brazilian insects
    Brazilian insects
  • Black and White rhinoceros
    Black and White rhinoceros
  • Asian lion
    Asian lion
  • Barbary macaque
    Barbary macaque
  • Koala bear
    Koala bear
  • Holstein cow
    Holstein cow
  1. The Blue Eyed Shag, indigenous to Antarctica, feeds in groups of hundreds, referred to as a “raft.”
  2. Brazil has the largest number of the one million species of insects in the world, accounting for 9% of the world’s total population.
  3. Black and White Rhinoceroses indigenous to central and southern parts of Africa, differ not in color, but in lip shape. Black Rhinos have a pointed upper lip, White Rhinos have a square upper lip.
  4. Only 200 Asian lions exist. Listed as endangered on the world conservationist list, India’s Gir Forest reserve is the only home left to the remaining individuals.
  5. Barbary Macaques are the only wild primates, aside from humans, found in Europe. These little guys are tailless and live on the top of Gibraltar. (If interested in a day’s hike up the rock, here’s a link with TripAdvisor’s conversation on how to do just that.)
  6. The name Koala comes from a Dharuk, aboriginal tribe of Australia, word which translates to, “no drink.” While it is true that Koala’s rarely drink water because they take in enough from dewy leaves of eucalyptus plants, these guys have been known to consume small quantities of water.
  7. The world record for highest milk yield from a single cow comes from Wisconsin. A Holstein by the name of “Ever Green View My 1326-ET” produced 72,170 pounds of milk in one year.


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