Welcome to LetMeDogThisForYou.com. This web site was created because of one very special dog who passed away Oct. 2014. She was 4 years 4 months and 28 days old. Her name was Vanessa. She was a Pit bull Terrier, a rescue, and she was greatly loved by her owner.

Vanessa would accompany her owner on long road trips around the country. She slept in her owner’s bed every night. She would greet babies, children, and new people with licks, tail wags, and 72 lbs of lap-dogginess (she was very gentle with babies and would often greet them with a low army crawl never rising to stand larger than the child). She had a best friend, a tabby, female cat named Fatty. These two groomed each other often and would sleep together most nights.

During a weekend trip while her owner was away from the house, Vanessa, being watched by a friend escaped from the house and ran off. Within 24-hours, while her owner and loved ones were out searching for her a call came through. Vanessa had been hit by a moving vehicle. She died on impact.

We here at LeMeDogThisForYou know what your pets mean to you. And how do we know that? Because the owner of this website is the owner of sweet Vanessa. Her name is Melissa Hoover, a certified Dog Trainer, holding a B.S. in Animal Behavior, vegetarian of 17-years, and animal right’s activist. Animals aren’t just animals, they are members of the family with more fur than the rest of the members.

Coming soon, LetMeDogThisForYou hopes to partner with no-kill shelters, offer contacts for rescues, and put you in touch with volunteer opportunities. Until then, enjoy the advice, ask questions, leave your comments, share and subscribe, and above all take advantage of the great gift ideas and products you find on the site for your furry family members.

“Thank you, for coming to the website and showing your support. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ve dedicated many years of my life to my furry friends and family and I will continue to do more as the years continue.  All the best,”

Melissa Hoover and Fatty the cat.

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