Breed differentiation among dogs: Twenty things most dogs have in common


I believe we can all agree a Great dane and a Chihuahua don’t exactly look alike, right? Yet, these two are in the same specie: Dog (Canis lupus familiaris). How are two very different looking dogs of the same specie?

There are so many stories and theories on dog selection, it’s not even funny. Some theories suggest Shih Tzu dogs came to be because people would keep their ancestors in cages. This would caused stunted growth or malformations contorting the body. Smaller dogs resulting from this horrendous practice were used to breed the next generations and so on. Eventually, a smaller breed of dog was created.

But not every theory suggests such heinous practices. Most of your current breeds came from selective breeding practices. Breeders saw a physical or behavioral trait they much appreciated and would try to find creative ways to display that trait in the next generation. A good working example of this in current use are your synthetic breeds like the Labradoodle.

Sometimes blending two species to create a new one can actually be beneficial. Far too often, homogeneity occurs within a particular breed because the same genes are used to breed the next generation. This is where your hip dysplasia on German shepherds or Labrador retrievers comes from.

Even so, let’s get back to some of these dog breeds. I think, rather than focusing on what makes one dog different from the next, let’s look at what makes them similar.

Dogs are similar in that they are genetically identical and have the same anatomical features.

Twenty things most dogs have in common:

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Tool use and animals: How birds are chipping away at its definition


Tool use among animals is nothing new; the definition has been ever evolving as new examples are brought forth for examination. Eleven variations now exist of the original definition, with the most current stated,

…(as the) external employment of an unattached or manipulatable attached environmental object to alter more efficiently the form position, or condition of another object, another organism, or the user itself, when the user holds and directly manipulates the tool during or prior to use and is responsible for the proper and effective orientation of the tool.

by Dr. Robert Shumaker, in his book, Animal Tool Behavior: The Use and Manufacture of Tools by Animals. Using these terms, a segue is offered for animals classified as “borderline” tool users, to be re-considered for categorization as tool users. Such would be the case of the Great Spotted Woodpecker.

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DIY Holiday Clothes For Your Dog

Hi there guys! Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah and Seasons Greetings! It’s that time of the year to get festive and what better way to do it than with your pup! I’ve included a great DIY video to make dog Christmas costumes. If DIY isn’t for you, there’s some excellent costume ideas picked from Amazon down below.

Have fun and enjoy!

Remember to share your best holiday dog costumes in the comments section below. Please like, share, subscribe, and follow.  Looking forward to seeing all the great ideas!

Excellent Holidays Costume Ideas For Your Dog

Need a great idea for your dog? Try an ugly Christmas sweater!

Don’t leave out the kitty! Remember to dress up your cat this holiday season in something really cute and festive!

Why does my cat do that?

My cat is just, weird.

Have you ever come home and felt a furry tickle against your calf or ankle, only to look down and see your cat brush his or her face along your skin? My cat favors my shoes and makes sure she gets her entire body dragged along one edge before repeating with the other side of herself.

Why does my cat rub his/her chin on me the moment I get home?

Cats have facial glands which secrete a pheromone which acts like a mark of territory. By brushing their chins and mouths along us, the chair, the table, another animal, they are affectively saying, “That’s mine, back off.”

How does my cat arch his/her back when I pet them?

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How to properly measure your dog for clothes

Never fear, we’ve got a great instructional, how-to, video which helps to properly demonstrate how to measure your dog for clothes.

Materials needed:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Notepad
  3. Pencil
  4. Brush

Step 1.

Remove the dog’s collar. You don’t want to snag your furry friend’s neck and end up with a choking hazard. Also, keeping the collar on adds a few inches thus reducing exact measurements for clothes and items worn near the head.

Step 2.

Brush down your dog’s fur. This will help you to see your dog’s body shape more clearly and precisely.

Step 3.

Measure your dog’s neck. Not too tight, not too loose. How can you tell? Use the 2-finger test. Press your index and middle finger together and point with these two. Place your fingers on your dog’s neck under the measuring tape. See the image below:

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Can my pet learn a second language?

Can My Pet Learn a Second Language?

 Oui! Si! Ja! Yes!

 Just as humans are capable of memorizing new words, so too can your dog, cat, parakeet, or other domestic pet.

Here’s the breakdown: Most dogs, on average, know about 165 independent words. Now, pair that with us only giving them about 20 commands with the most popular being: Sit, stay, down, leave-it, drop-it, take-it, come, no, go to bed, shake, roll over, high-five, ball, toy, outside, food. There’s potential for more information.

Now, the item’s proper name doesn’t matter. Allow me to explain. Whatever you decide to call that new thing, that’s what your dog forever imprints on their brains.

Meaning: You can call a ball a rag and your dog will always think ball-like objects are known as rags. Wait… what? What’s my dog going to think a rag is called then?

Finding yourself confused? Then pay attention, there’s more.

 Your dog is always learning from his or her environment. This type of learning is called: Observational learning. The majority of animals learn most information by using this method of learning. What they see, hear, smell, and generally observe, becomes their classroom.

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Fun facts about 7 animals from around the globe

Facts about animals: Animal trivia from around the globe!

  • Blue-eyed shag
    Blue-eyed shag
  • Brazilian insects
    Brazilian insects
  • Black and White rhinoceros
    Black and White rhinoceros
  • Asian lion
    Asian lion
  • Barbary macaque
    Barbary macaque
  • Koala bear
    Koala bear
  • Holstein cow
    Holstein cow
  1. The Blue Eyed Shag, indigenous to Antarctica, feeds in groups of hundreds, referred to as a “raft.”
  2. Brazil has the largest number of the one million species of insects in the world, accounting for 9% of the world’s total population.
  3. Black and White Rhinoceroses indigenous to central and southern parts of Africa, differ not in color, but in lip shape. Black Rhinos have a pointed upper lip, White Rhinos have a square upper lip.
  4. Only 200 Asian lions exist. Listed as endangered on the world conservationist list, India’s Gir Forest reserve is the only home left to the remaining individuals.
  5. Barbary Macaques are the only wild primates, aside from humans, found in Europe. These little guys are tailless and live on the top of Gibraltar. (If interested in a day’s hike up the rock, here’s a link with TripAdvisor’s conversation on how to do just that.)
  6. The name Koala comes from a Dharuk, aboriginal tribe of Australia, word which translates to, “no drink.” While it is true that Koala’s rarely drink water because they take in enough from dewy leaves of eucalyptus plants, these guys have been known to consume small quantities of water.
  7. The world record for highest milk yield from a single cow comes from Wisconsin. A Holstein by the name of “Ever Green View My 1326-ET” produced 72,170 pounds of milk in one year.


Let’s shop: Summer dog dresses!

How’s it going folks? We’re well into summer season, how about sprucing up your dog’s wardrobe? We’ve got some of the hottest looks found online right now. Be sure to sift through according to category (with category list below). Also, if you’re in the need of training materials and supplies, be sure to check out my other posts to get yourself squared away.

Summer wardrobe by category: Dog dresses

One of the more  cuter things on the internet, dogs in dresses walking around on hind legs. Watch the video, get inspired, dress up your adorable girl in something with ruffles, and share the photo of your best dress below in the comments!

Cute dog dresses by size, these dress options fit dogs ranging from XXS (10” chest, 8” back) to L (18” chest, 16” back).

Bowties, cute collars, and practical matching dog collar and leash ideas

Perhaps you saw last week’s post on training dog collars, leads, and harnesses. Well, this week we bring you some of the cutest looks on the market for your furry friends. And it can be entirely summed up with two words: bow ties.

Dress up your cute little pup in some of the cutest, snappy outfits of the season. Scroll down for some adorable ideas including a no-pull tutu-styled dog harness, bow ties in an assortment of colors, and durable, matching collar and leash sets for heavier duty dogs.

Fancy clothes and adorable bow ties for dog for weddings and spring seasons

Each of these products come with high reviews, and some unique features. Bow ties are lots of fun. Not only do they keep the look of sophistication at any occasion, but according to the production description: They set your pet apart from the crowd. This design bow tie set is the IT item that you should never miss out!

As a trendy dog parents, you never want to dress up your loved four-legged friends with similar accessories and you are always in the mood for something unique! The first set includes 2 trendy bow ties: one is in the bone and paw prints; the other is in a unique robot print.

Your loved pups will find this designer dog collar so irresistible comfy because it features the classy all-time-favorite collar structure: made to last D-ring, heavy duty buckles and high quality webbing material. The unique touch from our in-house designer is born with this beautifully crafted detachable bowtie in polka dot prints.

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Best dog leads, collars, and harnesses for training and basic use

Welcome to My name is Melissa Hoover, Accredited Dog Trainer with an educational background (BS) in Animal Behavior. I’ve dedicated my life to fuzzy furry critters. They are family first and foremost. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Subscribe to the page, share and promote. Above all, I hope you can learn something new about your furry pal, or in the very least, find an adorable new gift for someone pretty deserving of your constant attention.

Best dog collar and leash types online

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